The difference between stand up pouches and Flat bottom bags.

DQPACK for you to explain the difference between stand up pouches and Flat bottom bags, first of all, let's understand the characteristics of the two types of bags.

Stand up pouches, in fact, there are many people on the Internet is defined as such: can not rely on external factors of the support point, with itself can stand on the packaging bags, this is called stand up pouches. In fact, such a definition is very easy to confuse stand up pouches and eight side seal bags. If the bottom has a foldback and two edges, the upper and lower sides often have a wrapped edge, after the bottom is unfolded, the bag can stand, it is called stand-up pouches. Common packaging structure: NY/PE, PET/NV/PE, PET/NY/AL/PE, PET/VMPET/PE, Kraft paper.

Flat bottom bags, Flat bottom bags can also be called Qual Seal stand up pouches, its bottom is flat, and a total of eight wrapped edges, thus called eight side seal bags. There are four edges at the bottom plus two edges on the lower sides, a total of eight edges. Eight-sided sealing it has a total of five display surface: one on each side of the front and back, one on each side of the top and bottom, plus one at the bottom. Packaging capacity is larger packaging structure: PET/AL/BOPA/PE, PET/AL/PE, BOPP/VMPET/PE, PET/VMPET/PE. Flat bottom bags like that can carry a large amount of press and media information content, due to the ability to more strongly show the food and its brand inside.

The difference between the Flat Bottom stand up pouches and stand up pouches, after the above description, in fact, the difference between each other or more prominent. The bottom of the stand up pouch is not flat, while the bottom of the eight-sided seal is flat; there is also the total number of their edges is not the same, stand-up pouches it has four, Flat Bottom stand up pouches have eight; in addition, the total number of display surface is not the same, stand up pouches it can only two, while the Flat Bottom pouches it is sure to have five. Series overall it seems, Flat Bottom pouches than stand up pouches more excellent, more layered, more stable, but also can print more content; but the price is relatively expensive, because in the technical standards are also higher.

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Post time: Jan-05-2023