Spout Pouch

The nozzle bag is also called the spout bag which have several material structures: ①PET/AL/NY/PE ②PE/NY/PE ③PET/VMPET/PE④BOPP/NY/PE ⑤PET/PE . Spout pouch is a new beverage, jelly packaging bag, it is derived from the Stand up pouch.  The structure of suction nozzle bag can be divided into suction nozzle and independent bag two parts.  The structure of the stand-up bag is the same as the conventional four side sealing stand-up bag, but it is usually made of composite materials to meet different packaging needs.    

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How to fill liquid in self-supporting suction bag?Built-in suction bag filling includes reserved mouth filling and suction mouth filling, because the cost of reserved mouth filling is relatively low, through manual operation, suitable for small batch and small order manufacturers.  There are two main disadvantages of reserved mouth filling. One is that the reserved mouth has a gap, which is not very good-looking after filling. The other is that the output of the reserved mouth filling machine is very small.

Suction nozzle filling can be divided into semi-automatic filling, automatic filling.  Nozzle filling semi-automatic filling is to manually insert the nozzle bag into the filling device, then rotate by the rotary plate to fill, and then screw the cap. The nozzle for semi-automatic filling is usually a single slot nozzle.  Suction filling Automatic filling refers to the filling machine on the turntable, automatic bag filling, automatic filling, automatic capping, automatic filling suction is usually double bayonet.

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Stand up pouch with spout, is widely used in juice drinks, sports drinks, bottled drinking water, absorbable jelly, condiments and so on. 

Stand up pouch with spout, easy to dump or absorb, and can be closed again, repeatedly opened, can be regarded as a combination of self-supporting bag and conventional bottle mouth.  This product is mainly used for the packaging of daily necessities, such as beverage, shower gel, shampoo, tomato sauce, edible oil, jelly and other liquid, colloid, semi-solid products. 

Post time: Dec-13-2022