Points for attention in gravure printing design

(1)The overprinting accuracy of gravure printing can only reach 0.2mm, so the text and graphics (especially the text) with strokes less than 0.4mm can not be printed by multi-color overlay, but can only be printed with a single ink.
(2)small text and design hollowing out printing should use monochrome hollowing out, should not use multi-color overlay hollowing out printing, not to use the background color of the photo directly hollowing out printing
(3)Pay attention to the size of the text and the thickness of the strokes.
(4)plate roller into too shallow will not be conducive to printing ink transfer, a large area of light color recommended spot color printing.
Many packaging products are printed using gravure printing, such as qual-seal flat bottom pouch and stand up pouch with zipper.

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Qual-seal flat bottom pouch

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Stand up pouch with zipper

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Qual-seal flat bottom stand-up pouch has been widely used in the field of light solid packaging such as candy, biscuits, pet feed, coffee, etc. at home and abroad. And it is gradually popularized in the packaging fields such as rice and daily necessities. The qual-seal flat bottom stand-up pouch adds color to the colorful packaging world. The clear and vivid pattern stands on the shelf, reflecting a good brand image and attracting consumers more easily. . In addition to the regular zippered flat bottom bag, there are also some design elements that add value to the packaging, such as qual-seal flat bottom stand-up pouch with the handle, qual-seal flat bottom stand-up pouch with the laser easy-tear line, and qual-seal flat bottom stand-up pouch with one-way valve,etc. The stand up zipper pouch have novel style, which can improve the grade of the product and is easy to use.

These greatly improve the convenience of packaging and the frequency of use, and the development space in the packaging market in the future is bound to be broader.

Post time: Jun-24-2022