How to choose flexible packaging materials

The choice of packaging materials should be based on the contents, different contents using different packaging materials. Generally based on the following points:

1, the state of the contents: solid or liquid, solid is powdered or granular, liquid liquid mobility, and so on.If it is powdered, then the selection of materials, pay particular attention to the inner layer of the sealing material of the anti-pollution properties;

If it is liquid, it is especially important to pay attention to the drop resistance of the material.

2, the contents of the preservation conditions: the contents of room temperature preservation or low temperature preservation? Different preservation and transportation conditions of the contents need Choose different materials to match.

3, the content of the filling process:

Contents of different filling process, the choice of materials is also very different. For example, if the contents need to be filled with heat, the maximum temperature can reach 150℃.

It is necessary to select materials that can withstand temperatures above 150℃.

4, the chemical composition of the content: the different chemical composition of the content determines the need to choose materials with different chemical properties. For example, the contents of the PH value is alkaline.If you choose acid-resistant rather than alkaline-resistant materials, the consequences can be imagined.

5, packaging equipment: packaging materials and packaging equipment with very important, well-matched can improve production efficiency, and vice versa, reduce production efficiency and waste of raw materials.Excellent suppliers can bring higher value for the enterprise.


For daily chemical enterprises, the form of flexible packaging and the choice of materials is very important, and in addition, in the specific operation process of packaging supplier selection

For daily chemical enterprises is also particularly important. Good packaging material suppliers can be very good with the production enterprise to realize the cost savings of packaging materials.Such as some R & D capabilities of packaging materials suppliers and users can jointly develop new materials, new processes to reduce the cost of flexible plastic packaging;

Excellent packaging material suppliers can also optimize the production process and shorten the production time to achieve the effect of reducing the cost of packaging material production.


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Post time: Feb-20-2024